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Do I need to refrigerate my cake?

Yes! With ingredients like chocolate, dairy, and fresh fruit it is always best to keep your cake nice and cool in the refrigerator until it is time for your event. This will ensure your product to be safe from the heat or elements; as these things could ruin a cake or desserts that need to be kept preferably in a cool area.


What is the best way for a cake to travel in a vehicle?

When traveling with your cake in the car make sure to keep the cake on a flat and even surface. It is best to have an empty trunk or the clear space on the floor area of the passenger side. Do not leave the cake in a warm car, cakes need to be kept and stored in a refrigerator. 


Is there allergens in our baked goods?

Yes. Our products are made using dairy, peanut, and wheat allergens. There is risk of these allergens in our products. 


How many servings do I need?

When you have an idea of how many guests you will have attending your event, you can reference the cake serving and cutting guide on the toolbar to help guide you.


Do we deliver?

Yes, delivery is available for store products. Custom cakes and wedding cakes are availble for local deliveries. Delivery for store products is available only in the U.S.  and within elivery radius. 

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